Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot cure.
— Ambassador Andrew Young

Monica Kaufman's Closeups 2003

Monica Kaufman reports from Senegal with Ambassador Andrew Young to visit PROMETRA International and tell the story of African traditional healers.



(left to right, top to bottom):

Dr. Sandra Harris-Hooker, executive vice dean for research & academic affairs

Dr. Michael Powell, associate professor, microbiology, biochemistry and immunology; director, translational technologies program

Dr. Valerie Montgomery-Rice, president and dean, Morehouse School of Medicine

Dr. Alawode Oladele, board of directors, SHIELD inAfrica

Dr. Erick V. A. Gbodossou, president, PROMETRA International

Dr. Frank Glover, president, GIANT (Global Initiative for AIDS Nutritional Therapy)

Dr.Virginia Floyd, Morehouse School of Medicine

Cynthia Lynn Blandford, honorary consul general, Republic of Liberia

Ambassador Andrew Young, chair, Andrew J. Young Foundation                    

Monica Pearson, award-winning journalist and television personality, KISS-104 talk show host